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Gone With the Wind Museum


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The rustle of petticoats

The smell of gunpowder

Horse-drawn carriages

You are all but transported back in time, as you walk up the drive to your destination. There, nestled in the arms of giant magnolias and lush gardens, is historic Brumby Hall. Built in 1851, the historic dwelling is also the home of the Marietta Gone with the Wind Museum, which features the privately-owned collection of Dr. Christopher Sullivan. The museum has been a mainstay in Marietta since 2003, when it opened in the historic Old Thomas Warehouse Building near the Marietta Square. With an extensive collection of memorabilia relating to the book and movie, you do not have to be a die-hard fan of Gone with the Wind to enjoy the vast history surrounding one of the world's most beloved books and movies. The book has never left bookshelves since 1936, and the film is the number one box-office movie of all time (when allowing for inflation).

Highlights of the museum include the original Bengaline honeymoon gown worn by Vivien Leigh in her role as Scarlett O'Hara, as well as Margaret Mitchell's personal volumes of the novel, and an educational display dedicated to the African American cast members, including Oscar-winner Hattie McDaniel. Also included, are foreign editions of the novel, and rare press and publicity books, original scripts and contracts of the cast, and conceptual artwork.

Before departing, visitors may wish to take home a unique remembrance of their visit from the gift shop. The museum is often mentioned as one of the must-see stops for tourists wanting to explore the South's rich beauty and history. As an added pleasure, guests may stroll through the beautiful gardens that surround Brumby Hall, or sit for awhile on the beautiful porch in their favorite rocking chair. Whatever you do within the confines of this beautiful home and its grounds, you're sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Conveniently located a half mile from the historic Marietta Square, Brumby Hall is but a walk through the parking lot to the beautiful Hilton Marietta Hotel & Conference Center. Did I mention that the hotel has an 18-hole golf course behind it?  With everything right at your fingertips, you should be packing the car at this moment.

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